Lazi Akademie Stuttgart / Esslingen

Lazi Akademie is planned and managed by people who provide top performance in daily professional life and satisfy customers. Knowledge is taught in a realistic manner by top lecturers from the media industry. Our goal is to educate students to independently conceptually thinking personalities who are able to develop individual and creative top achievements. Interdisciplinarity, practical relevance, creativity training, professional know-how, market oriented content are key factors to the essential education at Lazi Akademie.

With more than 70 years in the educational industry, Lazi Akademie has achieved a high level of performance. The peculiarity of the vocational training is the sustainability in dealing with the technical issues, the perfection in the execution of craftsmanship and the willingness to create an open and honest communication and atmosphere that allows all parties to develop professionally and personally.

Our aim is to offer every student a qualified education, both professional and personal and to keep the inventory sufficiently and technically up to date. Provide employees a secure workplace where they can develop, incorporate their expertise and grow personally.

We constantly deal with the subject of course contents. As a supplementary private school, our degrees are state approved and the curriculum is approved by the Regional Council of Stuttgart and we are proud partner of the association of German Private Schools (VDP). But we have much more room for maneuver with regards to the adaptation of the modules content. Being in the media industry, we have to react quickly as new techniques or new software come to the market. We are glad that we can adapt to this situation more quickly being a private school. Another principle of the Lazi Akademie is designing, shaping, setting light, producing ideas, well thought through conceptions for commercial campaigns for example is what we value a lot, and ultimately, that’s the crucial part later on in the job!

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  • Mit Abi oder mittlerer Reife
  • Staatlich anerkannte Ausbildung
  • Option zum Master of Arts
  • Marktorientierte Inhalte
  • Praxisnahe Grundausbildung
  • Top-Dozenten aus der Medienbranche
  • Kleine Klassen und Produktionsteams
  • Professionelles Kreativ-Coaching
  • Echte Kundenaufträge

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